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5 Tips to Manage Your Global Shipping and Logistics During Festivals


Festivals, Harvesting Seasons for Global eCommerce

Halloween is coming again, and it is not the children alone that would return home full of treats, the eCommerce practitioners also see some delightful soars in their turnovers, as consumers' demands on special clothes, decorations, foods, presents, and many others for that special occasion has been growing. Last year, the global market for Halloween costumes reached 4.1 billion USD, and the number is expected to rise to over 5.5 billion by 2027 [1]. Halloween is now a big payday for eCommerce practitioners, and so are Christmas, Thanksgiving, and all the major festivals that generate more sales.

However, with the surge in demand, the sudden stress on warehousing, global shipping and logistics also grow accordingly, eventually impacting your sales, if handled improperly. So, with these big days knocking on the doors, what should eCommerce practitioners pay attention to in terms of inventory and logistics? Is there any potential risk or hazard that could have set you back immeasurably?

We conclude with five common mistakes that beginners often make, and their corresponding tips, in a hope of you can enjoy this thrilling, not chilling Halloween.


5 Halloween Risks to Avoid as an eCommerce Business


1. Proven timely delivery

Most festivals are time sensitive, and so are their respective promotions. After all, what is the point of receiving candies after Halloween, or flowers after Valentine's Day? Gifts and special treats are supposed to be exchanged ON these exact days, not after, even one day later would render the whole thing worthwhile. So, if you want to replenish your inventory from overseas suppliers, make sure the global shipping and logistics are done with precision and delivery carried away rapidly and timely.

2. Inventory control

Maintaining sufficient inventory is vital, or you will end up in a dilemma between your customers' growing demands and your understock products, with the cash out chance slipping through your fingers.

But don't overdo it too! The more is not always the better. No one wants to deal with excessive stock after festivals. Halloween occurs only once a year, not on weekly basis. You would have to wait for another year to bring these products back to shelf.


3. Shipment tracking

Trackability is of so much more significance than you think, especially for global shipping and logistics. The professional global logistics companies allow their customers and businesses to see the exact location and status of a shipment for their further plans and actions. Choose an international freight service with proven tracking solutions for your festival shipping needs, so that you are always aware of the progress of your shipment, and capable of catching up on these big days.


4. Content restrictions

Halloween is another good example of why, in global shipping and logistics, being aware of content restrictions of different countries' customs matters. Halloween products come in all shapes, sizes and even textures. While small and regular items like gifts pose no issues during shipping, some innovative commodities specially designed for Halloween (such as fake blood, artificial limbs, mechanical spiders, etc.) are challenging to pass customs inspections due to their sizes, contents and components. So better check what you can send, how large they can be before you send them out.

If you want to outsource the overseas shipment and let 3pl fulfillment companies do this job, most have content restrictions for your reference. If you are unsure, feel free to confirm with your customer services first, it's better to be safe than sorry.

5. Packaging

Just like what we previously discussed customized logistics is also vital for your business, what serves as a better promotion and advertisement tool than the products themselves? Packages! Packages always come before the products and leave the first impression on your customers. Festivals are good occasions where you can distinguish yourself from your competitors by offering themed packaging that matches the holidays' spirits. Rather than the typical boring brown box, try providing special packaging with festival décor. Again, if you want to seek the international logistics partners, ask if they can customize your package, that would be a bonus during festivals and holidays like Halloween.


About YunFulfillment Warehouse

Here's all we would like to share about 5 global shipping and logistics tips during festivals and holidays. If you find it hard, troublesome or time-consuming, there is always another option, which is to partner up with a trustworthy global shipping and logistics provider.


Concerning global shipping and logistics, YunFulfillment Warehouse has offered professional services for worldwide eCommerce businesses. Empowered by Yun Express with its network of over 200 countries on five continents and delivering within 6 to 15 working days, YunFulfillment Warehouse integrates services such as warehousing, picking & packing, and more! Order tracking, expert consultation, and package customization mentioned above are all the key services YunFulfillment offer to ensure your fullest harvest on Halloween, among other festivals. 


Yunfulfillment Warehouse is ready to be your preferred international freight service providing an end-to-end order fulfillment solution and fast-acting global shipping and logistics services for your festival shipping needs.


[1] Halloween Costumes Market Size to Grow at 5.04% CAGR During the Forecast Period of 2022-2027. Available at:,USD%205562.52%20million%20by%202027


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