Crowdfunding fulfillment

Running a crowdfunding campaign may make you exhausted from product design, marketing sales to communicate with global backers and manufacturers. Also you will need to face the most complex part-fulfill pre-orders and ship your backer rewards. Your backer have given you their support and deserves to get what was promised to them. Crowdfunding fulfillment is always the overlooked, yet crucial part of the process. As the creator, you would need to take care of your business and choosing a partner with reputable and experienced order fulfillment service. YunFulfillment is one of the leading provider of international crowdfunding and e-commerce fulfillment, recognized for its fast and cost-effective worldwide shipping services. We have efficient established procedures, equipment, and well-trained employees to handle it safely and effectively. We offer customers one-stop solutions from collection, QC, storage, order fulfillment to global shipping. Our up to 50 kinds of shipping options with competitive price can truly meet your unique needs and budget. We aim to take over the hard part while grant you a peace of mind.

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