Why Yunfulfillment ?

As a merchant, you might have the weight of the world on your shoulders. From product development, marketing and to customer service, your plate is full at any given moment. Imagine how wonderful you’ll feel when this huge weight is taken off your shoulders. Now it’s time to release yourself and outsource the order fulfillment part.

Not sure if your need to make this decision?
1. Are you outside China but sourcing from China?
2. Do you need communication support with Chinese manufacturers?
3. Are you fraustrated with the warehousing chores and logistics?
4. Are you looking for affordable service?
If you answer with a “YES”, then it’s the right time for you to outsource your order fulfillment. Rather than hiring your own employees, by partnering with YunFulfillment, you will have more time to concentrate on your business and grow it! Check what YunFulfillment can do for you.

Easy Communication: We have experienced team to help you communicate with local manufacturers.
Customize Solution: Nobody understand your ideas? No worry! Rely on our eCommerce expertise, we can develop perfect plan based on your needs. We have rich experience in all kinds of order fulfillment, e.g e-commcerce fulfillment and crowdfunding fulfillment. Also we provide customers with up to 50 kinds of shipping options which can surely meet your B2C and B2B delivery requirements.
Affordable Cost: Customize solution doesn't mean high cost. What we can do is provide you excellent experience with affordable warehousing and logistics cost for both inbound and outbound shipping.
Fast Delivery: We care about your reputation and always offer you with faster delivery but at economic rates.
Customer Support: Want to talk with with someone when there is any questions? After-sales is a headache problem? Just leave the hard work to us. We aim to provide customers with one-stop hassle free solution.
Fully access to system: We provide all users with compete access to our system to monitor inventory and whole fulfillment process at anytime and anywhere.
Pay-as-you-go pricing structure: We do not require for long-term commitments. No set-up fees, no receiving fees, no minimum volume requirements. Just pay for what you store & ship only.
No Hidden fee: All our charges are 100% transparent. Standard Packaging (strong paper envelope) is included.

There are many reasons why you may be considering outsourcing your e-Commerce order fulfillment, but the strongest one is also the most obvious: it can save you a great deal of time, money, and effort, and allow you to focus more resources on growing your business. Outsourcing your order fulfillment also makes it easier than ever to track and manage inventory, and deliver products to your customers quickly. Finally, it will grant you peace of mind regarding the reliability of your order fulfillment. Whether you’re a startup, an established eCommerce store or a crowdfunding creator looking to deliver rewards and start your new venture, our experienced team is always there to provide you with the customized efficient and affordable e-commerce fulfillment service. You sell, we take care of the rest. Work with us today, and we can reward you with surprise! We are committed to help eCommerce merchants grow their business to next level.

ABout us

YunFulfillment is a company of YunExpress that specilized in providing one-stop customized solutions on e-commerce fulfillment and also global shipping. Dates back to 2008, we first started as a cross border e-commerce merchant, at that time we also support some merchants to work on dedicated line shipping solutions to different countries which help them saved a lot on the shipping cost. Later on we are famous in the merchant circles and have more and more “clients” to request for customized solutions and thereafter we started up the YunExpress business. It is because of our experience that makes YunExpress exactly know what service can truly satisfy e-commerce merchants, so that we develop very quickly and very soon we become one of the largest logistics service provider in China. We provide customers with up to 50 kinds of global shipping options which can be classified into 3 categories. They are respectively the Postal and Express solutions, B2C Dedicated Lines and First Leg Service to amazon FBA warehouse. Our service is based on cooperation with world’s leading carriers like DHL, UPS and excellent postal network like Deutsche post, Royalmail, Colissimo etc,. Customized solution, fast delivery and favorable rate are the main reasons to make our service to be the ideal option to merchants. Moreover, Yunexpress is also recognized as a preferred partner by e-commerce leading marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, wish, cdiscount and ect. We equip with 7 direct sales office in mainland China and over 10 global consolidation centers that enable us to handle over 300K daily parcels. We aim to help more merchants to ship to the world and make it easier than ever.

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