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The Ultimate Guide For Dropshipping Fulfillment In Any Corner Of The World


The standard retail model is no longer profitable, especially for small eCommerce businesses. It comes with an ocean of hassles, such as inventory storage issues, unsatisfactory management, and expensive warehousing. Now, the eCommerce world is consistently shifting to dropshipping fulfillment model that has brought significant simplicity and efficiency to supply chain management. According to current statistics, nearly one-third of eCommerce stores use the dropshipping fulfillment model for their supply chain management. This dropshipping guide will help you learn the strengths of dropshipping fulfillment and its working. So, let's get started!


What is Dropshipping Fulfillment

Dropshipping fulfillment is basically a supply chain management technique in which the retailer (business or seller) doesn’t keep the goods or products it sells in stock. Instead, the retailer hires a third-party dropshipping fulfillment service provider for the storage, packaging, and shipping of the products to the customers. Dropshipping service works contrary to the standard retail model in which the products are stored by the retailer. In dropshipping fulfillment model, when a business makes a sale, it informs the dropshipping supplier to ship the product directly to the customer. By using this model, the seller merchants don't have to store and handle the products, which saves them a lot of money and time.


There are three major players in dropshipping fulfillment model:

  • Manufacturers – creators of the products and sell in bulk to the retailers or wholesalers.
  • Wholesalers – buy products from the manufacturers in bulk.
  • Retailers – sell products to consumers.

The dropshipping supplier can be any of these three major players.


Strengths of Dropshipping Fulfillment

Following are the key strengths of dropshipping fulfillment:


  1. Lower Startup Cost

Starting dropshipping fulfillment does not have high capital requirements as you don't need to purchase products upfront. This makes it the most affordable and simple way to start your eCommerce business.


  1. No Inventory Cost

Dropshipping fulfillment has no inventory costs as your dropshipping supplier is responsible for the storage, handling, packaging, and shipping of the products.


  1. Little Risk

Using Dropshipping model in your eCommerce business significantly lowers the risk of loss as you don't need to handle inventory by yourself.


  1. Scalability

With drop shipping fulfillment, you are free to scale your sales! You don't need to receive, fulfill, pack, and ship the order manually, as your dropshipping supplier will take care of everything. All you need to do is to concentrate on R&D, selling, and management.


  1. Location Flexibility

Pakistan, USA, and China, why does it even matter where to operate your sales, when you can literally rely on your dropshipping suppliers to handle the logistics and develop customers all around the globe? That’s right, the dropshipping model allows you to sell your products to almost every corner of the world.


  1. High Variety of Product

    Good news, you do not have to stick to one kind of product anymore! Dropshipping fulfillment enables you to sell more than one type of product, without any strategic difficulty.



    How to Start Dropshipping in Any Corner of the World

    Regardless of the location, you can start of dropshipping business without any hassle. Let’s say you want to start a dropshipping business in Pakistan. In that case, you just need to follow these easy steps:

    • Setup Your eCommerce store
    • Find a trustworthy dropshipping supplier for your store
    • Do promotion of your store to generate more sales

    Speaking of a trustworthy dropshipping supplier, YunFulfillment is one of the best you’re ever going to find to start dropshipping in Pakistan. With its expertise in logistics and competitive rates, YunFulfillment can meet all your dropshipping fulfillment needs efficiently and reasonably in the market.


    Do you have a business dream too? Do you want to start small and make it big? Dropshipping business is the option, and YunFulfillment, the most trusted dropshipping service supplier in China, can meet your demands efficiently and become a reliable partner in building up your business. With its efficient warehouse management system, steadfast operation flow, and a broad range of products and services, you can ensure the fast growth of your eCommerce business.

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