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No More Overstock! Choose the Right Warehouse in Global Shipping & Logistics


If you are one of the cross-border e-commerce practitioners, you cannot possibly thrive without seeking the e-commerce fulfillment services offered by third-party logistics companies, who offer all ranges of services, from warehousing, picking & packing to logistics and transportation. Speaking of warehousing, one of the most frequently asked questions is, where should I store my goods? Many choose warehouses in their targeted countries. When customers place orders, they can respond to them at once by informing their logistics companies to finish the packaging and deliver the package immediately. Quick as it is, however, this method has its own downsides, too, such as costly storage and labor expenses, lengthy inventory replenishment duration, and extra taxes and duties. Even worse is that an overseas warehouse could have doubled the overstock losses, as you do not just lose the goods’ values, but also lose the rents, labor expenses, and import taxes and duties you already paid. That is why choosing a warehouse in sourced countries in global shipping and logistics may not be a bad idea. Take YunFulfillment as an example. With its fulfillment center and warehouses located in Guangdong, China, YunFulfillment benefits you in many ways you cannot imagine.


5 Strengths of China Local Warehouse

When it comes to global shipping and logistics, there are five reasons why YunFulfillment Warehouse distinguishes itself among its countless overseas counterparts.

  1. Geological superiority

A well begun is half done, this is an idiomatic expression no industry recognizes more than global shipping and logistics. 

YunFulfillment has its fulfillment center located in Dongguan, a harbor city with Humen port. With its customs clearance platform directly connected to the General Administration of Customs, Humen port makes itself one of the busiest ports in China. Located in a harbor means more than a beautiful sea view; but also ensures quick and seamless sea transportation, as all the dispatches are done within 24 hours while updating the relevant information to OMS (order management system) in real-time.



  1. Service superiority

Before YunFulfillment, YunExpress has been the leading global shipping and logistics service provider, working with cross-border B2C businesses and e-commerce sellers for years. Ever since its foundation in 2014, YunExpress has earned the trust and praise from clients of different types, on various scales, from home or abroad. With over 100 fulfillment solutions, YunExpress has always been a reliable partner with stable and cost-effective services.

Now, empowered by YunExpress, YunFulfillment integrates warehouses with renowned logistics services, thus boosting its efficiency to the maximum.


  1. Competitive price

As previously mentioned, the e-commerce practitioners who choose overseas warehouses may respond to their customers faster, but they are also faced with high rent, labor costs, and head transport costs in global shipping and logistics.

On the contrary, the warehouses in China are low in storage fees and human labor costs, given that China enjoys abundant human resources, dealing with the QC inspection, picking & packing, and dispatching at a more reasonable price.


  1. High flexibility

In global shipping and logistics, overstock can be the last thing the e-commerce practitioners want to see. Also known as surplus stock, overstocking happens when stores purchase more products than they sell. These unsold goods are unable to produce the interests as expected, thereby hurting profitability, and they also continue to generate more rents to pay.

Fortunately, by choosing the China warehouses, you can kiss goodbye to overstock once and for all, should you know how to re-formulate the selling strategies. If sold poorly, the goods stored in China warehouse can be sent practically everywhere since YunFulfillment Warehouse covers more than 200 countries; and the loss was just the goods themselves, excluding import taxes and fees.


  1. Manageability

Another thing that matters the most in global shipping and logistics is the management, control and surveillance of ongoing orders. YunFulfillment Warehouse has introduced an order management system that integrates multiple platforms (Amazon, eBay, Wish and Shopify) and is available in five languages (Chinese, English, Japanese, Thai and Russian). If you are still unsure, our bilingual staff are happy to help you anytime.

Supported by multi-linguistic OMS and bilingual staff assistance, your goods can be handled by a baby.



Thanks to global shipping and logistics, e-commerce and cross-border business have seen massive development over the past decades. But the constantly emerging issues have complicated the situation, and one fulfillment solution is surely not enough. Fortunately, questions are always outnumbered by answers. For example, e-commerce practitioners tired of expensive rents and overstocks can think outside the box and choose a warehouse in China. Represented by YunFulfillment Warehouse, China’s warehouse has a lot of merits. They can be the answer to your unnecessarily long endured issue. All you need to do is to give us a shot.

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