4 Crippling Mistakes of Global Shipping and Logistics You Must Avoid


A Glimpse into 2023

Overall, 2022 can never be called a peaceful year, especially for global shipping and logistics.

Apart from adjustments in capacity deployment and massive port delays around the world, severe shortages of port workers and truck drivers make all the 3PLs harder to live by. The crews strained on board, extended unloading times at ports…all of them contributed to container shortages and rocketing freight rates.

But even with all the challenges set by time and unusual conditions, customers are still having high expectation to our services, and want nothing less from us. So, in this article, we will share with you 5 traps and setbacks that could have caused damage to your services, the good (and hard-earned-harder-maintained) relationship between you and your customers, and, worse, your overall reputation.



4 Traps in Global Shipping and Logistics that Set You Back

Despite everything, many logistics companies are still facing setbacks, resulted from either rapid development, or unpredictable changes of trends, or customers’ heightened expectations, all of them could, sadly yet inevitably, lead to some annoyed customers and unsatisfying experiences.

So, pay attention to the following 5 traps, and make sure you did not and will not make any of them.


  1. Unreasonable prices and/or hidden charge

No one fancies an overly expensive international express service, and people hates it more for hidden charge. If an international express courier service provider offers a price first and adds some extra fees later (in the name of manual inspection, daily operation fee and others), it would only cause its customers unpleasant.  

Thus, make sure you have a crystal-clear price list with no charge hidden or obscure. In this way, not only can you help your customers decide if it is within their budget, but also implicitly compare yourself with your competitors, demonstrating how competitive your price is.



  1. Unprofessional service

Eventually in global shipping and logistics, service quality serves as a key differentiator between reliable and unreliable international express courier service supplier.

As an international renowned business with top-of-the-line solutions, you should always attach high importance to your service, or you could have risked ruining your reputation, and having your customers refunding, leaving, and complaining the unsatisfactory services they received.


  1. Slow shipping

Shipping speed also set an unqualified international courier service apart from those good ones.

Don’t ever try to find ways that result in a late receiving at the recipient end, just to cut delivery costs, it does not worth it. Slower logistics brings so many inconveniences and losses to customers, leaving them a bad impression. Thus, if you want to enjoy happy, long-term cooperative relationship with your customers, keep your shipping fast.



  1. Untransparent and/or delayed updated package information

Transparency has now been a new indicator of capability in global shipping and logistics. A reliable courier service supplier keeps their customers timely updated about their package information, so that they can track their parcels and packages throughout the transportation and, in case of any change, make adjustments accordingly.


Brace Yourself for the Upcoming 2023

So, these are the common four traps related to global shipping logistics you must avoid.

In 2023, global shipping and logistics industry will change drastically, and competition will only be more heated than before. Any slight mistake can turn out to be costly, and beyond afford. That’s why all the order fulfillment service provider must play it safe, always prioritizing the customers’ needs while offering them a fast and enjoyable shipping experience at affordable prices.

Connect with YunFulfillment Warehouse, and let us help you manage the complexity of warehousing, stock management and logistics so you can deliver outstanding customer experiences!

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