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International shipping and customs seem complicated, but we are experienced with the custom clearance regulation in specific country and regions for your ultimate fulfillment in B2B and B2C needs. We know the best practices in this field that can be beneficial to you. Our up to 50 kinds of shipping options which can be classified into 4 categories, they are respectively DIRECT LINES, FBA DELIVERY, POSTAL SOLUTION, and EXPRESS SERVICE.

DIRECT LINES: By cooperating with Hongkong stable airfreight sources and world leading logistics couriers in European countries and US, YunExpress Direct Line is a combination express and postal service in DDP (Declare Duty Paid) mode. We apply direct flight from Hongkong to destination gateway every day and catch the same day custom clearance. It is 100% fully control on air freight and last mile delivery is available which is an economic solution with fast delivery which is mainly design for e-commerce packages.

FBA DELIVERY: International import is very complicate especially for B2B shipments to Amazon FBA warehouse. Under such circumstance, we equipped with an experienced brokerage team and help all our customers to go through custom clearance in specific countries and zones smoothly. Now we extend our FBA delivery services to almost all amazon warehouses in Europe, United States, Canada and Mexico.

POSTAL SOLUTION: We truly understand the postal solution is always the prior option for e-commerce business as it enjoys the lower rate. To satisfied different merchant’s demand, we working with lots of postal office in the passing years and keep eliminating the bad service from time to time. Now the rest are the best.

EXPRESS SERVICE: Ship with your own express account is too much expensive? Then why not ship with our volume? We provide customers express service like DHL, UPS and EMS at discounted rates. Faster delivery at economic rates, you deserve to use it.

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